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Soft Landing came about to address a need that is somewhat unique to veterinary medicine.  Veterinarians are intimately involved in the complete life cycle of their patients and are entrusted with humane euthanasia and aftercare of remains.  As pets become more important as true members of our families there has been a need to treat end of life with an increasing level of dignity and respect, something hard to do in a busy clinical setting.  We also wanted to transition to methods of remains disposition that are better for the environment with no production of greenhouse gases and with complete neutralization of all non natural chemicals, including antibiotics, chemotherapy agents,  euthanasia drugs, and other potentially harmful impurities.


Doctors Kennedy and Kidd started Kennedy Veterinary Services on March 1st, 2000, bringing the first all mobile mixed animal practice to this area.  While the practice is no longer based out of a mobile clinic it has become one of the most stable and busy clinics around, and continues to push the envelope of veterinary care in the Walla Walla Valley and surrounding areas.

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