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Quality Of Life Consultation

Quality of life is an important consideration for aging pets, or those with serious illnesses.  We can help you assess your pet’s individual situation, determine areas of possible improvement, and help find solutions that will increase comfort and make life easier for your pet and you.

End Of Life Care &

Loss is an inevitable part of life.  SOFT LANDING has been conceived and designed to provide an important and unique service for pet owners facing the loss of a pet. Our facility is quiet and serene. We have special rooms designed to make euthanasia of a pet as comfortable, peaceful and private as possible.  Family members and friends may be present if desired. Special requests are accommodated to the best of our ability.

At home euthanasia is available on a limited basis.

If your pet has passed at home we can assist with cremation/Aquamation.  Arrangements can either be made directly with SOFT LANDING 541-861-3069 or with KENNEDY VETERINARY SERVICES 541-938-9306.


We use a state of the art alkaline hydrolysis process (Aquamation) to provide a respectful method of remains care that has the least possible negative impact on our environment.  Ashes can be returned to owners and honored with any of the options available for ash produced by routine cremation. There is approximately 20% more ash returned when compared to traditional fire cremation because there is no loss through exhaust.  For more information please check the video links on our resources page or call our office at 541-861-3069

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